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CIP-Zero: A Green Solution for Dairy/Coffee CIP | Veranstaltung auf der Anuga FoodTec 2022

CIP-Zero: A Green Solution for Dairy/Coffee CIP

von TEC Square Project Management SL
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Food Processing, Environment & Energy, Science & Pioneering
TEC Square Project Management SL
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CIP-Zero: The future for CIP Processing.

Protecting the environment should be a target for every company nowadays. Our CIP-Zero solution (patent pending by 3Narots) gives this objective an interesting ROI.

Our solution is based on a simple assumption: "Recuperate returning CIP Solutions before the process turns them into waste-water". We base ourselves on the following principles of operation:

- Recuperate solids before they end up in CIP Solutions
- Recuperate returning CIP Solutions, before they turn into waste-water. Make them part of the process.
- Separate solids from these solutions effectively  
- Reprocess these solutions within the existing operational system where possible

Our target: Zero waste-water from processes

CIP-Zero has 2 direct pay back scenarios:
- Less investment into Waste-Water Treatment Facilities
- Lower operational costs: less chemicals, less water, less energy

Analysis have shown that the following is possible:
- Water consumption     Reduction of 95-99% in dairy plants
- Chemical consumption Reduction of 60-70%
- Waste-Water BOD        Reduction of 95-99%

An additional investment into CIP-Zero related equipment is largely offset by savings in waste water treatment.

The ideal solution for implementation of our CIP-Zero concept, is a combination of Management focus and Equipment. The importance of Waste Prevention cannot never be overstated. We would recommend to establish as a minimum 2 Financial KPI's in each plant:
- Litre of water purchased / kg of product sold
- Total BOD (or solids in waste water) / kg of product sold

Hereby we assume there will already be a KPI on Yield, which is equally important.
Ideally put a Euro figure next to the KPI's. You'll be surprised how quickly you could earn this investment back.