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New product announcement: ShearTherm in combination with M4E

Natec Network’s ShearTherm is a high-performance batch processing system that is ideal for producing a wide range of food products. This multi-purpose equipment offers highest flexibility for emulsifying, dispersing and cooking; delivering excellent finished product characteristics and quality – even with particles!

The ShearTherm is specifically developed to include basic process requirements and extensive shear and emulsification options, in a modular design that can be individually adapted to the customers’ needs. Many processes are combined and controlled in the very small ShearTherm footprint, delivering maximum process, recipe and application flexibility.

Compatible ShearTherm applications
Processed cheese portions, spreads, cream cheese, IWS, mayonnaise, sauces, purees, baby food and more. The ShearTherm in combination with our unique M4E technology is also perfect for high powder concentrated and plant-based foods, guaranteeing 100% homogenous, lump-free and stable products.

How ShearTherm works
The ShearTherm is designed to chop, pre-mix, homogenise and heat up to 98 °C.  The combination of a special agitator and a high-speed pre-mixer, both with multi-directional operation and each with variable speed, guarantees efficient mixing of all ingredients, a high repeatability, short batch cycles and outstanding results.

The ShearTherm uses mechanical work force to bind ingredients and reduces molecule size to the required emulsification level.

ShearTherm in combination with the M4E (Magnet for Emulsion)
The M4E can be used in almost any process for mixing/emulsifying of dry materials and liquids or as replacement for shear pumps & commercial emulsifying units.

Advantages of using M4E technology compared to a mechanical shear unit
- Simple handling and easy to integrate into any process
- Improved product quality & product stability
- Significantly lower service & energy consumption
- M4E = almost no wear, no maintenance costs as there are no moving parts and complicated shaft seals
- No product contamination through abrasion or defective seals

Further ShearTherm benefits
- Best shear range and control for each product and process
- Reduced energy costs and space requirements
- Maximises yield – less raw material consumption with less production time
- Seamless integration with a RotaTherm® continuous cooker for UHT processing
- And many more

"Maximum control AND flexibility are achieved because the mixing and shearing functions are separate and can be individually adjusted to the requirements of the product and process at any time", said Eugen Vogel, ShearTherm Product Manager. He continued: "The ShearTherm can produce plain products and products with chunky ingredients, without any disadvantages in the overall process. This is a big, and important, advantage for most of our customers."

What we can do for you
As a founding member of the Natec Network, Gold Peg Australia leads the way in delivering high quality and innovative industrial cooking equipment to companies all over the world.

“The ShearTherm adds to the extensive range of Gold Peg’s batch and continuous cooking solutions. We now cater to production rates for a huge range of products from 100 kg/h up to 10,000+ kg/h!” said Simon Donnelly, Gold Peg Managing Director.

Ask us how we can match equipment to the needs of your business today.

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