Köln: 19.–22.03.2024 #AnugaFoodTec2024

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Industrial inline thermal imaging AI & big data | Veranstaltung auf der Anuga FoodTec 2022
Yoran Imaging Ltd

Industrial inline thermal imaging AI & big data

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28.04.2022 | 14:05 - 14:25 Uhr
Filling & Packaging, Automation, Safety & Analytics, Science & Pioneering
Digital Innovation Stage

Yoran Imaging Ltd
Mercaz Shorashim
2016400 Shorashim
+972 529284986

Die Veranstaltung

Reveal the Invisible
Get 100% smart quality control and sampling with our pioneering, non-intrusive, in-line inspection system for heat-sealed packaging.
Waste Less, Achieve More
Discover a whole new world of effective data about your procedures, so you can minimize your materials waste, earn more time, and sample every product - then elevate the information to enhance your productivity.
Your Reputation on the Line
Monitor your production line’s health and protect your brand integrity as a leading manufacturer in your field.