Köln: 23.–26.03.2021 #AnugaFoodTec2021

Gemak Gida Endustri Makinalari Ticaret AS | Aussteller auf der Anuga FoodTec 2018

Gemak Gida Endustri Makinalari Ticaret AS

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Gemak Gida Endustri Makinalari Ticaret AS
ASO 2.OSB 2032 CAD. No:1 Temelli
06909 Sincan
+90 3123947794
+90 3123947795
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Alkoholfreie Getränke
Alkoholhaltige Getränke
Fruchtsaft, Fruchtgetränke
Milch- und Molkereiprodukte

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Unternehmen und Produkte
Gemak Pasteurizers with valve clusters

GEMAK pasteurizers are stand-alone units with automatic control of pasteurization temperature, flow diversion and continuous data recording for traceability and quality systems. GEMAK pasteurizer guarantees food safety with leakage and contamination control systems. They are designed with the energy saver concept that ensures the minimum usage of water, electricity, steam and CIP Liquids. With the high technology automation system, the process can be controlled in every step that saves time, eliminates the human errors, records all the data, enables remote control of the system for the efficient production and the ease of use. Our design allows optimum high heat recovery with Alfa Laval plates and gaskets for low operating cost. Pasteurizers are available with integrated dosing/mixing systems for special products and inline CIP systems. All pasteurizers are pre-assembled and factory-tested to allow speedy commissioning on site. GEMAK skid mounted modular pasteurization systems are manufactured with plated, tube in tube and scrape surface heat exchanger technologies for milk and milk products, fruit juice, flavored and carbonated beverages, honey, molasses, cream, ice-cream mix, brine, margarine, egg, tomato products, sugar syrup, water, fermented drinks and for many other liquid food and chemical applications. GEMAK pasteurizers can be delivered together with GEMAK skid mounted Valve Cluster units. They are providing pre-built valve matrices customized to meet individual requirements with Alfa Laval technology.  Valve cluster units guarantee the most efficient flow management, using as few components as possible and dealing effectively with key issues that include thermal cycling, cleanability, drainability and flow control. They are designed according to the specifications and requirements of your plant by specialized GEMAK engineers, assembled  and installed to your plant by specially trained GEMAK installation teams followed by all of the hygienic design rules.